CMS-GCOE Fifth Workshop on Transport Logistics, 2011


14 December 2011


CMS National University of Singapore


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14 December 2011 (Wednesday)
Conference Room,
Centre for Maritime Studies
National University of Singapore

On 14th December 2011, the Centre for Maritime Studies (CMS) hosted the Fifth Workshop on Transport Logistics. The Workshop on Transport Logistics is a joint annual effort by CMS and GCOE, Kyoto University to showcase ongoing research work carried out by academics and researchers from both institutions. A total of 31 delegates attended the Workshop, with representatives from CMS, NUS-Department of Civil Engineering and Kyoto University. The delegation from Kyoto University was headed by Professor Eiichi Taniguchi. The Kyoto delegation was welcomed by Prof. Tan, who delivered a brief opening address at the beginning of the workshop. Speakers from the NUS and Kyoto University came together to discuss a wide range of topics from Humanitarian Logistics, Transportation Networks, Urban Road Pricing, Hazardous Material Logistics, Shipping Network Design to Accidents’ Analysis in the Singapore Straits. Four main sessions were held, composing of a total of nine (9) presentations. Each thirty (30) minute presentation was followed by a vibrant question-and-answer session. Both Prof. Fwa and Prof. Eiichi Taniguchi agreed that this workshop serves as a good platform for professors and researchers to discuss the issues of transportation, and highlighted several new research problems for future exploration. The event was concluded with a members’ discussion on textbook publication and future collaboration.