About CMS

The centre for maritime studies is a National University of Singapore research centre specialising in maritime affairs. Launched on June 29th 2005, the centre responds to the need to pool resources together to embark on forward-looking research, capitalising on global trade trends in Singapore and around the world.

We undertake research in areas of relevance to the industry, so as to share timely information, research data, and informed views of current topics. In addition, we provide consultancy services on specific matters on demand.

We believe in sharing useful information that could engage, improve, accelerate, and create new opportunities in and for the maritime community: from policy makers, to the business community, academia, and the general public.

We are supported by donations from the maritime community and co-funded by the National University of Singapore.

The centre’s patron is Mr. Goh Chok Tong and the centre’s first chairman is Tan Sri Frank Tsao. As an autonomous, university-level research institute, the centre is governed by a Board of Directors. The centre’s current Director, Professor Lee Loo Hay, oversees the centre’s day-to-day operations. The centre consists of Faculty Research Associates and a number of core research staff, supported by a team of administrative staff.

To support our mission and to interact with the industry, activities such as seminars, industry workshops, executive programmes, and conferences are organised throughout the year.

Our Vision

To be the centre for Maritime and Supply Chain Research and Education committed to value-adding to Singapore’s journey to be the Global Trade and Connectivity Hub.

Our Mission

International Visibility through research and Thought Leadership in Trade and Connectivity

Education and Training for Future-ready workforce in the maritime and supply chain industries

Co-creating and Commercialising translational innovations through the Convergence of advant-garde Research and Industry needs to enhance the role of Singapore as the hub for trade and connectivity

Our Donors

We are grateful for our following donors: