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NUS Centre for Maritime Studies Summer Program

Course Introduction

In order to strengthen the ties between National University of Singapore (NUS) and partnering Chinese universities and to provide opportunities for academically-inclined students to step out their comfort zone and practice their specialization, the Centre for Maritime Studies (CMS) will be organizing a one-week summer program from 19 to 26 August 2018. The purpose is to allow students to fully utilize their time to experience the lesson conducted by professors from the top-tier global university in Asia and immerse themselves in a classroom project environment to experience team-building and bonding. Also, the students can experience the multi-culture environment in Singapore and exchange knowledge with local students. This program serves to enable students the pathway to internationalization in the future.

Artificial Intelligence Course Outline

Day 1

  1. What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how is it relevant and practical in this modern time and age (finance modelling, optimisation, machine learning etc.)
  2. What are the major impacts of AI and how should we ready ourselves to embrace for these changes?
  3. What are some major uses of AI at the current moment and how these uses are shaping the industries (drone technologies, automatic cleaning robots, autonomous cars, ships and planes)?


Day 2

  1. How machine learning has taken flight since the revolutionary system has developed?
  2. What are the major components (linear regression, logistic regression, regularisation etc.) of machine learning and why do they matter in machine learning?
  3. How can we design a machine learning system to take advantage of the AI system?


Day 3

  1. What is a neural network and how does this network revolutionise the next generation AI technology?
  2. How does Siri and Alexa work in a neural network, and how can we fully utilise this technology to consumers?
  3. What are the mechanics and methods behind the neural network?


Day 4

  1. What is optimisation and why is it relevant in today’s AI context?
  2. What are the algorithms that are defining optimisation and how do we utilise them to our full advantage?
  3. How are the components in optimisation (Hyperparameter tuning, Batch Normalization and Programming Frameworks) important?


Day 5

  1. Group Presentation of ideas using AI technology to provide solution to the problem set given.
  2. Certification Ceremony
  3. Group Photo

Interested candidates should submit their applications, with the attached Registration Form to:


Centre for Maritime Studies
National University of Singapore
15 Prince George’s Park
Singapore 118414
Fax: (65)7756762
EMAIL: cmsxy@nus.edu.sg

Application via email is encouraged. We regret that only short listed candidates will be notified. Enquires may be sent to our Centre by email.